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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cuisine of Koshal

Ingredients :
Tomatoes 4 large ones or 1 can (chopped into small pieces)
Onion ½ chopped into small pieces
1 tspTurmeric powder
1 tspGaram masala
2 tspSugar
2 tbspDates (dry khajur) 8 (whole ones)
Coriander leaves
1 tbspOil
1 tbspSalt (according to taste)

Method :

Heat oil. Add panchphutan and when it starts spluttering add the chopped onions. When onions turn translucent add the chopped tomatoes. Stir for a minute. Add turmeric powder, garam masala and salt. Stir well and let it cook for a minute. Add sugar to it. Stir again. Close it with a lid. Stir well after every two minutes. When it starts boiling add the dates. Cook for two minutes and garnish it with chopped coriander leaves. This dish goes well with hot steaming rice in winter.

Note : If the soup is thick you can add water to make the soup thinner depending on the consistency you want your soup to acquire.

Ingredients :
Yogurt 250ml
Turmeric Powder
2tspRice flour
3 cupsPanchphutan
1tsp (mixture of 5 spices mentioned earlier in the Main recipe)
Green Chilli chopped
1Eggplant chopped into 2 inch sizes
2Garlic grated
1 cloveOnion chopped into thin long straps
1Tomato chopped finely 1Salt according to taste.

Method :

Mix water,turmeric powder,salt and rice flour to the yogurt and blend it for 2-3 mins.Keep it aside.Heat oil in a pan.Add green chillies and panchphutan.When it splutters add grated garlic.Stir for a minute.Add chopped onions to it.When they turn golden add the chopped eggplants.Sprinkle a little salt.When half done add chopped tomatoes to it.When half done add the blended mixture.Keep on stirring till it starts boiling.Let it boil for 5 mins.Serve it with hot steaming rice and savour the taste.

Ingredients :
(For fish marinade)Fish 500 gmsSalt 2 tspGarlic-ginger paste 2 tspTurmeric powder 2 tspRed chilli powder 2 tsp(For gravy)Coriander powder 2 tspCumin powder 2 tspRed chilli powder 1 tspTurmeric powder 1 tspKashmiri red chilli powder 2 tspOnion 1 (chopped finely)Tomato puree 2 tspGinger-garlic paste 2tspLemon ½ or 1Coriander leaves a bunchKashmiri methi leaves 1 tspMatar (Green peas) ½ cupTomato 2 small size (chopped finely)Sugar/Gud 1 tspOil 1 1/2 cupWater 1 cup

Method :

Mix the fish with the marinade and leave it for a minimum of half-an-hour. In a pan heat 1 cup oil and deep fry the marinated fish. In another pan heat oil. Add chopped onion. When it turns golden add the ginger-garlic paste and fry again for 2-3 mins. Then add the coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, kashmiri red chilli powder and the kashmiri methi leaves. Fry again for 2-3 mins till oil starts coming out. Then add the chopped tomatoes, Sugar or gud , salt, green chillies, matar and tomato puree. Mix well and let it cook for 2-3 mins. Then add 1 cup water . Let it cook on low flame for 5-10 mins. Add coriander leaves and lemon juice and serve it hot with rice or roti.

KARDI ACHAR (Bamboo shoot pickle)

Ingredients :

Bamboo shoots ½ can (cut into thin long strands)Lemon juice 2tbspsSalt according to tasteTurmeric powder 1tspGreen chilli 1 (cut into 2-3 pieces)Mustard oil 2tbspsMethod :Wash the bamboo strands well. Add lemon juice , salt, turmeric powder, chilli and mustard oil. Mix well and keep it in a sterilized jar. Keep it in the sun everyday for 14-15 days. You can eat it with rice or chappati

KARDI BHAJA (Fried bamboo shoot strands)

Ingredients :

Bamboo shoot ½ can (cut into thin long strands)Turmeric powder 1tspRice powder 2tspSalt according to tasteOil for fryingMethod :Wash the bamboo strands well. Squeeze the water out of it. Add salt, turmeric powder and rice powder to it. Make flat thin balls of it and deep fry. Serve it hot with rice and dal.Contributed by: Mrs.Meena Panda, Kolkata , West Bengal,

PIYAZ KHATA (Sour Onion Soup )
Ingredients :Onions 1 bigOil 2tsp (for cooking) + for frying the onion ringsGarlic 2cloves (chopped finely)Panchphutan 1tsp (mixture of 5 spices mentioned earlier in the Main recipe)Tomato 1 small (cut into 5-6 pieces)Yogurt 250mlBesan 1tbspTurmeric powder 1tspSalt according to taste

Method :Cut onions into round pieces just like the ones when you cut for salad. Fry them in oil for a little while. The onion rings shouldn’t turn brown in colour. Keep it aside. In a kadahi heat oil. Add the chopped garlic, panchphutan. When they start to splutter add the chopped tomatoes. Fry it for 1-2 mins. In a bowl take the yogurt add besan and whisk it properly. Add water to it according to the amount of consistency you want. Add it to the kadahi and keep stirring till it starts boiling. Add the fried onion rings,turmeric powder and salt. Let it boil for 4-5 mins and serve it with rice.

Ingredients :
Chole (Kabuli chana)500gmsPotato 2Oil 2tbspsOnion (chopped finely)1Onion,ginger & garlic paste 4tbspsTurmeric powder 1tspRed chilli powder 1tspChole masala / Curry powder 1tbspsSalt according to taste

Method :Pressure cook chole and potato with salt. In a pan heat oil. Add chopped onions. When they turn golden brown add the onion, ginger and garlic paste .When oil comes out of it add the chopped tomatoes. Add the turmeric powder, red chilli powder and fry for a little while. When oil starts coming out add the mashed potato to it. Mix well then add the pressure cooked chole to it. Add the chole masala or curry powder, salt and mix it well. Let it boil for a while then serve it hot with roti or paratha.

AAM KHATA (Mango sour soup) Ingredients :
Mango 200gms (chopped into 5-6 pieces)Turmeric powder 1tspPanchphutan 1tspHing 1tspKari patta 6-7 leavesDried red chilli 1Ginger-garlic paste 2tspSugar / Gud (1 cup) or according to the amount of sweet you want to eat.Saunf powder 1tbspMethi powder 1 tsp

Method :In a pan take 1 cup water add the mango pieces, salt and turmeric powder and boil it.In a kadai heat a little oil. Add panchphutan, kari patta, hing and dried red chilli. Fry till the phutan starts crackling. Then add ginger-garlic paste and fry it for 1-2 mins. Add gud or sugar. When it starts boiling add the boiled mango pieces to it. Then add saunf powder and methi powder and serve it with rice and dal.

Ingredients :Green chole 500gmsPotatoes 3Onion 1 (Chopped finely)Tomato 1 (Chopped finely)Turmeric powder 2 tspCurry powder 1tbspRed chilli powder 1tspKala namak 1tbspSalt according to taste

Method :Pressure cook chole and potato by adding salt to it . Heat oil in a pan . Add the chopped onions . Fry till it turns golden brown . Now add the chopped tomatoes and turmeric powder.Fry till oil comes to the sides.Mash one boiled potato and add it.Mix well and fry for 2-3 mins.Then add the boiled chole and rest of the potatoes cut into 3-4 pieces.Mix properly .fry for 2-3 mins.Add the curry powder , red chilli powder and kala namak. Add water according to the amount of gravy you want and let it boil properly.Serve it hot with roti or rice.

SEMI BAIGAN (Semi eggplant curry)
Ingredients :Semi 500gmsEggplant 1 ( cut into very small pieces)Turmeric powder 2 tspMustard seeds 2 tbspGreen chillies 3Coriander leaves a bunchOil 1tbspJeera 1tspTomato 1 small (chopped into small sizes)Salt as per taste

Method :Cut the semi into 2-3 pieces. Be careful while cutting them as sometimes there are worms in it .Wash them properly. In a pan take semi, eggplant add water and turmeric powder and boil it till it’s done. Grind the mustard seeds, green chillies and coriander leaves. Keep them aside. In a pan heat oil. Add jeera and chopped tomato to it. Later add the boiled semi and eggplant. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Then add the grinded paste. Let it cook for 1-2 mins . Add salt . Let it cook for 2-3 mins . Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve hot.

Ingredients :
Semi 500gmsTurmeric powder 2 tspMustard seeds 2 tbspGreen chillies 2Coriander leaves a bunchOil 1tbspJeera 1tspTomato 1 small (chopped into small sizes)Salt as per tasteMilk ½ cup

Method :Cut the sembi into 2-3 pieces. Be careful while cutting them as sometimes there are worms in it.Wash them properly. In a pan take semi add water and turmeric powder and boil it till it’s done. Grind the mustard seeds, green chillies and coriander leaves. Keep them aside. In a pan heat oil. Add jeera and chopped tomato to it. Later add the semi. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Then add the grinded paste. Let it cook for 2-3 mins . Add salt and add milk. Let it cook for 2-3 mins. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve hot.PS: Semi is eaten along with rice. The grinded mustard seeds add a different flavour to the dish.

BADI JHOL (Urad dal dumpling soup)
Ingredients :
Badis 7-8 (sun dried urad dal dumplings)Ginger-garlic paste 1tbspWater 2 cupsDhania powder 2tspJeera powder 1tspHaldi powder ½ tspLal mirch powder ½ tspSarson ½ tspJeers ½ tspLal mirch 1 broken into 2 halfsGarlic clove 1Ghee 2tbspMilk 1 cupRice flour 1 tbsp

Method :Fry the badis in 1 tbsp ghee for 2-3 mins on medium flame. Take them out and keep aside. In the same kadahi heat ½ tbsp ghee. Add ginger-garlic paste to it. It starts spluttering so add 2cups water immediately. Add dhania powder, jeera powder, haldi and lal mirch powder and let it boil. Meanwhile heat the milk and keep aside. When the water starts boiling and the fried badis and salt. Let the water boil for another 2 mins. Now add the rice flour to the milk . Mix it well and add it to the boling water. Let it boil on low flame for another 2-3 mins.Then keep it aside. In another pan heat the remaining ghee, add garlic crushed or chopped into very small pieces, jeera, sarson and lal mirch. Add this tadka to the badi jhol. It’s best taken with rice whether for lunch or dinner.PS: Badis can be found in every kalahandia’s house. It’s something every kalahandia loves to have during their meal. Badis are of many shapes and varieties and so are the dishes made out of it.

CHAKEL PITHA( A pancake)
Ingredients :1cup white broken biri dal2 cups riceSalt as per tasteOil for making the chakel.

Method :Soak the biri dal and rice separately for 4-5 hours.Grind them separately.Add salt according to taste and whisk them properly.Then mix both the grinded stuffs and whisk again and set aside to ferment.In summer it takes less time to ferment than in winter.In winter leaving the chakel batter near a stove or heater helps in the fermentation.Then just like making dosa heat a non-stick tawa .Put a spoonful of batter .Spread it over the tawa .Pour oil to the sides.Turn it over and fry the other side too.Serve it hot with chutney,pickles or any curry of your choice.This is eaten as a snack in Kalahandi in the morning or in the evening.But this can also be eaten during lunch or dinner.It's not only healthy but aslo very filling.Try this and relish it.

Mansa poorga (Sambalpuri-style goat curry)
Garlic paste, ginger paste, mustard oil and the spice mixture garam masala are standard items in Indian markets and some supermarkets. You can also make your own pastes by mashing up garlic cloves and ginger root.

Mansa poorga (Sambalpuri-style goat curry)

Serves 6

4 tablespoons plain yogurt

1 tablespoon garlic paste

1 tablespoon ginger paste

2 teaspoons turmeric powder, or more to taste

1 teaspoon black pepper, or more to taste

2 pounds boneless goat meat, cut into cubes

3 tablespoons mustard oil

1 teaspoon whole garam masala, or more to taste

Salt to taste

3 medium onions, sliced

2 medium tomatoes sliced

½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Mix yogurt, garlic paste, ginger paste, turmeric powder and black pepper together until blended. Toss meat with yogurt mixture and let marinate for at least one hour.

Heat the mustard oil in a pressure cooker over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the whole garam masala and stir until fragrant. Add the marinated goat meat and cook, stirring occasionally, until the raw smell dissipates. Season with salt. Add the sliced onions and tomatoes, stir and add ½ cup water. Cover and cook as directed by your pressure cooker's manufacturer. (If you have a Hawkins pressure cooker, two whistles are enough.) If
you don't have a pressure cooker, use a large, lidded pot and simmer the curry for about an hour; you may need to add additional liquid. When the meat is tender, garnish with fresh cilantro and serve with rice, roti or paratha.

Each serving: 278 calories (35 percent from fat); 11 g fat; 2.2 g saturated fat; 33 g protein; 11 g carbohydrates; 87 mg cholesterol; 136 mg sodium; 2 g dietary fiber.


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