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Sunday, July 31, 2011

No unanimity on WODC headquarters

Courtesy:-Express News Service (TNIE)

The outgoing chairperson of the Western Orissa Development Council (WODC) Dr Niranjan Panda on Friday said there is lack of unanimity among the politicians from the area about the location of the council headquarters.

Addressing a news conference here, Panda said though he convened four meetings during his tenure to try and settle the issue, politicians from different Western Orissa districts differed. He, however, said the Council has no dearth of funds to take up development projects.

The budget of WODC has gone up to Rs 100 crore and it gets additional funds from the State Government for development of the KBK, he said.

Panda announced that perspective plan of Rs 300 crore for the next three years has been drawn up by the Council. This includes Rs 114 crore for irrigation, lift irrigation and rainwater management, Rs 13.5 crore for provision of drinking water, Rs 13.6 crore for electricity, Rs 45 crore for roads and communication, Rs 32 crore for health, Rs 60 crore for education, Rs 5 crore for Centre for Development Studies, Rs 9 crore for Agriculture Machinery Hiring Project and Rs 8 crore for agropolytechnic.

Stating that during the last five years several steps have been initiated to bridge the regional disparity, Panda said steps have been started for establishment of three medical colleges. He hoped that admission into the medical college at Jarring in Kalahandi district would start from the next academic year. Similarly, admission for the medical college at Rourkela, established by WODC, will also start from the next academic year. A decision on establishment of medical college at Balangir will be taken soon, he said.

Panda said steps have been initiated by the Council to improve health infrastructure in the area. Work for establishment of a nursing school at Sundargarh has already started. Funds have been sanctioned for establishment of diagnostic centres at Balangir, Deogarh, Sambalpur and Sonepur, he said.

It has been decided that funds will be provided for increasing the number of beds and cabins in Boudh and Deogarh district hospitals. Besides, 50-bed hospitals will be set up at ThuamulRampur in Kalahandi district, Koida in Sundargarh district and Chantipali in Jharsuguda district with private participation. An eye hospital will be set up by the WODC in partnership with Lepra India, he said and added the site for this will be identified soon.
Panda said steps have also been taken to improve infrastructure in the education sector. Assistance is also being given to private schools for construction of additional classrooms, laboratories, libraries and toilets, he said.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

No More Hirakud in Kosal (Western Orissa) Mr.CM

Who can forget the agony and sufferings the people of Western Orissa faced during the construction of Hirakud Dam. It was constructed to check the massive flood that was effecting a large part of coastal Odisha. But construction of the dam greatly affected the native of western part of Odisha. Nearly 150,000 people were affected by the Hirakud project. Nearly 22,000 family were displaced by the dam project.

In the original estimate, an amount of Rs 12 crores was provided for payment of compensation to the affected people. After revision, the amount was reduced to Rs 9.5 crores and the total compensation paid to the people was, in reality, only Rs 3.32 crores. A large number of families were evacuated from their hearth and homes without compensation from 1956 onwards.Till date there are nearly seven to eight thousand people who never got any compensation and were forced to live in footpath..

This criminal act of the Orissa govt created a huge divide between the people of Western and Coastal orissa which is getting worse day by day...

And now again after so many years the Orissa govt is yet again planning to rub salt in wounds of Kosli people..NHPC Ltd on Thursday signed a pact with the Orissa state government to set up the hydropower plants in Subarnapur (100 MW), Sambalpur (100 MW) and Boudh (120 MW) districts across Mahanadi river in Kosal (Western Orissa) region of the state.

The hydropower generating company will build the plants in five years time in a joint venture with the Orissa state-run Hydro Power Corporation with a combined investment of Rs.2,600 crore to generate 320 MW power

Ranjan Panda, convenor of Water Initiative - a network of NGOs working on water related issues, said the projects will submerge thousands of acres of agricultural lands.

"No doubt these are small plants and will be comparatively less destructive compared to the coal-fired plants. However, these projects too have socio-economic and ecological consequences," Panda told IANS.

"We cannot see any justification as to why more power projects are required which will submerge fertile agricultural land, displace people and affect local ecology.

"The government has also not come out with any cost-benefit analysis of the said plants. Nor has it given out anything on the possible displacement, loss of land and number of people to be affected," he said

Bhabani Shankar Hota, a former MP from the region, said the projects will hit at least 118 villages wholly or partially.

"The projects, if implemented, would bring untold miseries and devastation to the people of the area," he said.

In addition, 20,000 acres of reserved and village forest land, 16,000 acres of cultivable land, 240 acres of house-stead land will be submerged under the projects, he said.

He added that people also fear the plants will submerge several temples, including the world famous Huma Temple in the district of Sambalpur.

"People in the whole of western Orissa had stoutly opposed this project in the past, why is the government pursuing it again and again," he asked.

Chronology of events with regard to the Sindhol Project:

Along with Hirakud, there was a proposal to build a dam at Tikarpada on Mahanadi and a barrage at Naraj, to control flood. However, Tikarpada dam would have submerged the Sonepur and Boudh towns and hence it never saw the light of the day. The Naraj barrage was constructed.

During the 80s, during chief ministership of Janaki Ballabh Pattnaik, proposals were on air for the Manibhadra dam and not Tikarpada. However, it was opposed in the entire western Odisha so much so that the govt. had to airdrop leaflets on Balangir, Sonepur , Boudh and nearby areas promising the Manibhadra dam wont come up.

In 1996 the govt. once again started talking about the Sindhol Project under the name of ‘Hirakud Stage III’. The then central energy minister N. K. Salve visited Chiplima in this context. However, this was opposed too and in an election speech Janaki Pattnaik promised that the project won’t be constructed if the people don’t want it.

However, the matter once again came up during campaigns for the Rairakhol Assembly bi-elections in 2003. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had categorically said during election campaign that “this project is not under consideration anymore”.

However, later, the state’s energy minister Surjya Narayan Patra, in a press conference, informed that the state has sent a proposal to the center for setting up of this project. Reacting to this statement, on 12th August 2003, the then BJD MLA of Rairakhol Sanatan Bisi, wrote to Patra seeking clarification. Replying to this, through his letter dated 23rdAugust, 2003, Patra informed Bisi that “you will be happy to know that the govt. has decided in principle not to go ahead with the Sindhol project”. Based on this letter the District Information and Public Relations Officer of Sambalpur had given a press statement confirming the above.

The above press statement mentioned that “even though the Sindhol project has been in discucssion at various levels for the last 15 years, no detailed project report has been prepared so far on this. According to preliminary investigations this project will submerge 28 villages and displace 1850 families. So, the govt. has decided not to implement this project”.

It’s worth mentioning here that, during the 90s, the govt. advertisements in newspapers had put it that the project would submerge 118 villages including 37000 acre fertile agriculture land, reserved forests and homestead land.”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Legend Of Maa Samaleswari - 7 Exclusive Videos

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Compiled & Contributed By Mr. SAPAN MISHRA

Kosli "Sambalpuri" Bhaasha thi Bahaari thila aar Baaharu thilaa Patra/Patrikaa(S.P. here stands for Stopped Publication & Others are being Published) -

This List is First Time in the Internet ....

(Alphabetically, Not Chronologically)

1.Art & Artist-S.P.-Prahallad Dash,Sakhipada,Sambalpur,

2.Agnisikha, thi Darpan-S.P.-Arjun Ranjan Panda,

3.Anushilan-S.P.-Bajendra Ku Panda,Gobindtula,SBPur

4.Amrut-S.P.-Jayakrushna Seth,Abankela,Sundargarh,

5.Angra-S.P.-Sanjay Mishra,Balangir,

6.Ukia,S.P.-Gurubaru Senduria,Burla(?)

7.Udlabel,S.P.-Sudhir Ch Meher,Kadobahal,Sambalpur,

8.Udianbel,S.P.-Santost Ku Sahu,Pahandi,Bargarh,

9.Kadho-S.P.-Khirod Ku Sahu,Deulgaon,Balangir,

10.Kahar,S.P.-Ranjan Ku Panda,DashMile,Sohela,Bargarh,

11.Kanhar,S.P.-Ashok Ku Meher,R.B.S.Padampur,Bargarh,

12.Kayenshphul,S.P.-Bharat Dharua,Pudapadar,Aagalpur,Balangir,

13.Kusali Chetna,S.P.-Debanand Hota,Mannpur,Bargarh,

14.KoshalShree-S.P.-Dalagobind Bishi,Titilagarh,

15.KoshalSarathi,S.P.-Irfan Mohammad,Khadiial,Nuapada,

16.Kohali Farad,S.P.-Malaya Mishra,Balangir,

17.Koshali Rani,S.P.-Jyatsnarani Panda,Birmaharajpur,Sonepur,

18.Koushalya-S.P.Rjesh Kumar Karia,Sohela,Bargarh,

19.Ghant-S.P.-Ranjan Ku Sa,S.P.-Ghantaapali,Binka,Sonepur,

20.Chandar Udiian,Stll Published.-Bikash Chandra Sahu,Sohela,Bargarh,

21.Chadak-S.P.-Bikash Chandra Sahu,Sohela,Bargarh

22.Chahata Champa-S.P.-Taranisen Jena,Gopalmal,Barpali,

23.Pahapah-JanamukhaS.P.(To be Continued)SapanMishra,Budharaja,Sambalpur

23.Juljulia(S.P.)-Nihar Behera,Dhirpur,Bargarh
24.Juhaar-A Bi-Monthly Peotry collections being Published
Regularly,Uttam Hota,Gouranga Pandey,Jharsuguda
25.JhaarMali-(.S.P.)-Surangini Mishra,Taalpalipada,Balangir
26.Jharial-(S.P.)-Prakash Ch Bahidar,Shish mahal,Balangir
27.Tikk Chanhara-'Koshal' Newspaper thi-(S.P.)-Debarchan Thakur,Mudipada,Sambalpur
28.TharaaNaraa-(S.P.)-Kumar Chinnmaya,Balangir
29.Dakua-Published Regularly-Bijan Mahanty,GulekDham,Rugudipada,Balangir
30.Dhol-(S.P.)Surajit Singh Maharatha,K.B.G.P.,Nuapada
31.Tasha-(S.P.)-Pradip Ku dash,Rugudipada,Balangir
32.Tulsi-(S.P.)-Ashok Pujahari,Ghenss,Bargarh
33.Dutia Jhann-(S.P.)-Bibekanand majhi,Jaampali,Udhuna,Bargarh
34.Dainik Koshal-Irregular-Tribikram Tripathy,Koshal Bhaban,Sambalpur
35.Dhaaj-(S.P.)-Prafulla Sahu,TaalSirgida,Bargarh
36.Nabneeta-Ocassionally in our language-Kshetrabasi Nayak-Rajendra College Road,Balangir
37.Nisan-(S.P.)-Dr.Nilamadhab Panigrahi,Gulunda,Maneswar,Sambalpur
38.Nua-Jharan-Published regularl Quarterly-Kishor Kumar Sahu,Sapan Mahal,Kainsheer,Barpali
39.Nua-Dhaan-(S.P.)-Nandkanha Pujahari,Raipali,Sonepur
40.Nua-Sakaal-Published regularly Quarterly-Gourang Pandey,Junha-Bamhni,Barpali

41.Parbha-(S.P.)-Tikelal Behera,Titilagarh,Balangir

42.Paschimanchal-Published Regularly-Smt.Surama Mishra,Chhend,Rourkela

43.PaschimaBharati-(S.P.)-Nirmal Prakash Purohit,Mandosili,Bargarh

44.Painjhal-(S.P.)-Bipin Bihari Mahanand,Jhagadjhal,Jhar,Ghenss,Bargarh

45.PanhatiTara-Being Published-Naren Panchbhaya,Sargul,Padampur,Bargarh

46.Baul-Being Published-Sushant Mishra,Sohella,Bargarh


48.Bayela Re-(S.P.)-Kusha Panda,Brahminipali,Sonepur

49.Baas Patri-(S.P.)-Laxman Suna,Dekuluba,Remda,Bargarh

50.Batuabaas-Being Published Ocassionally-Dr.Laxmi Narayan Panigrahi,Ghenss,Bargarh

51.Beni-(Being Published)-Saket Sahu,Burumunda,Gaiselet,Bargarh

52.Bharni-(S.P.)-Dr.Dwarikanath Nayak,Dhanupali,Sambalpur

53.Bhandar Kun-(S.P.)-Rabiranjan Pradhan,Boden,Nuapada

54.Malmali-(S.P.)-Nihar Ranjan Behera,Bhukta,Ambabhona,Bargarh

55.Manohar-Being Published Ocassionally-Uttpanna Bhoi,Nuapali,Bheden,Bargarh

56.MahulKunchi-(S.P.)-Sarathi Pradhan,Babaji Tikra,Julunda,Sonepur

57.Maa-(S.P.)-Hadu Sahu,Ghodabandh,Kalahandi

58.Jubajyoti-(S.P.)-Harishankar Behera,Gurupali,Areigudi,Bargarh

59.Laal Surjya-(S.P.)-Pradeep Kumar Panda,Nua-Barangamaal,Sambalpur

60.Leti-Published Ocassionally-Anand Chandra Sahu,Shantipada,Balangir

61.Saetaan-Being Published in our language ocassionally-Prahalld Padhee,Patnagarh,Balangir

62.Sailta-Being Published-Amrutlal Sahu,Ghenss,Bargarh

63.Sambalbhumi-(S.P.)-Prahallad Dash,Sakhipada,Sambalpur

64.Sambalpuri Sahitya-(S.P.)-Nrupatti Deheri,Sambalpur

65.Sambad Newspaper carry Jugaar ocassionally-Bamapada Tripathy,Sambalpur

66.Sirjina-(S.P.)-Rajendra Mahanty,R.B.S. Padampur,Bargarh

67.Sunaphul-(S.P.)-Ganapati Bhukta,Badd Karle,Sonepur

68.Suna Buhen-Published ocassionally-Bijay Kumar Mahapatra,Kotian,Kaduapada,Jagatsinghpur

69.Surta-(S.P.)-Jugeswar Tandi,Putki Grinjel,Saipali,Bargarh

70.Surta-(S.P.)-Kalki Narayan Mishra,Koshali Academy,Balangir

71.Suru Nani-(S.P.)-Rohit Kumar Bhue,Ambabhona,Bargarh

72.Selaa Pathar-(S.P.)-Karunakar Bhoi,Mahurundi,Khaprakhol,Balangir


74.Haq-(S.P.)-Irfan Mohammad,Khadiaal,Nuapada

75.Hakua-(S.P.)-Jayakrushna Farikar,Haatpadaapada,Balangir

76.Hulaahuli-(S.P.)-Surangini Mishra,Tikirapada,Balangir

(Friends, it is very difficult to publish & circulate a Magazine. All these Editors & their cooperators deserve accolades from us. Lets ask them to resume their publication, those who have stopped publishing their Magazines. I call upon you to write letters to them stating your moral & other support to them to revive their Magazine. That is the way we can contribute our part for the growth our literature. I hope & believe, you will do something.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sambalpuri Handloom : A fashion revival

"Talking about this venture, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, “An increasing number of people these days are getting attracted towards traditional stuff like Sambalpuri textile. They’ll certainly be revived.”

As the design fraternity aims at reviving the classic weaves and crafts of our culture, some new steps taken by fashion designers Sabyasachi Mukherji and Rajesh Pratap Singh are seen as a welcome change. These world renowned designers have been invited by the Orissa state government to revive the state’s handloom sector which is facing a crisis. Both designers will work on the project with Orissa State Handloom Weavers’ Cooperative Society and Sambalpuri Bastralaya to improve designs of saris and other materials.

Once in great demand, Orissa handloom has fallen on bad days due to a variety of reasons like rising cost of raw materials, lack of proper marketing network and little scope for skill development. The state government woke up to the challenge after a traditional weaver, Uttar Meher, and his family members committed suicide, unable to cope with grinding poverty in Bargarh district in Western Orissa recently.

Arti Ahuja, secretary, textiles and handlooms informed that the state government has decided to take the help of experts after drafting a comprehensive handloom policy last month. “Weavers of Orissa need certain technical and marketing guidance in order to attract customers of international market,” she added. The designers would work on a project with the state-run Boyanika (Orissa State Handloom Weavers’ Cooperative Society) and Sambalpuri Bastralaya.

Talking about this venture, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee said, “An increasing number of people these days are getting attracted towards traditional stuff like Sambalpuri textile. They’ll certainly be revived.” Apart from Sabyasachi, designers Abraham and Thakur, Anjali Kalia and Orissa-born Bibhu Mohapatra, now based in USA, would also work on the state government-sponsored 18-month project.

Rita Kapur Chishti, author of a book on saris from 14 states is coordinating between the designers and weavers. “The designers would work on improving saris, dupattas, scarves and also shirts and suit material for men,” she said.

Steps have been taken to set up a handloom park in Bargarh district, to teach weaving to people of non-weavers community. The proposed Sambalpuri Ikat handloom park would be perhaps the second handloom park in the country after the first one at Pochampalli near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. With some 2,000 looms, the park would employ around 3,000 weavers. Apart from imparting training in tie and dye processing, production and finishing of the products, the looms would help the weavers churn out products according to the market requirements, according to Ahuja.

Turning the wheel :
Designer textiles: Designers Rajesh Pratap Singh and Sabyasachi Mukherji will work on improving sarees, scarves, dupattas, and shirts and suiting materials for men.

The sudden fall:
Orissa handlooms saw a sudden fall in demand due to age-old techniques, no proper marketing network, and very less scope in skill developments for the weavers.

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Welcome to KOSAL


"Aamar Sanskruti Aamar Gaurav"

Welcome to the land of culture "Koshal" . Koshal is the land of great warriors. The land of Maharaja's.The land of Maa Samalei, World famous sambalpuri saree , great teracotta works, land of tantrik Vidya, world famous Sambalpuri music and dance.

Koshal consists of ten beautiful districts..
and Deogarh.

The motto of this community is to bring all the young warriors of koshal to a common platform from where they can initiate the process to preserve the great Koshali culture and swear to free our motherland koshal from atrocities..

So friends lets join hand and do something extraordinary to create a separate identity of us across the globe and create a separate koshal state,full of prosperity and impartiality.

We Consider Kosali language as the mother of Oriya language, the origin of kosali language was found by the historians from Subarnapur in Stambheswari inscription of 12th century A.D. The Kosali language is spoken by about 2 crores of people in the entire KBK belt and Western Orissa and part of A.P., M.P., Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. It is a matter of regret that the Government of Orissa has not taken any interest to improve the standard of Kosali (Sambalpuri) language.


So start sharing your views on Koshal.....