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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Juhar all KOSALBASI,

It has been a tremedous journey all these years...Today Your favourite blog turned 5 years old...Heartfelt thanks to all of you for making your blog so successful..

Your blog was started on 1st july 2007 with the motto to bring awareness amongst the general masses and classes of Kosal region about the significance of the word KOSAL....

KOSAL is not mere a word...It is much more than that...KOSAL is our identity...

Your blog tried it's best to propagate the Kosli culture, tradion, art, language, people etc through out the world....Your blog always wanted you to be in touch with your motherland even if you are physically miles away from it..

Initially started as, it was renamed to within 6 months of it's inception and now with all your support and love your blog became an website with the url

It was during the year 2004-05 when internet was slowly becoming a neccessity for us and some people like me (Satyajit Nayak), who were already addicted to it found it the best way to share our feelings with the whole world...While searching the word "Sambalpuri" and "Koshal" on I hardly found only 20-30 links which were not relevant at all....I was deeply hurt..I felt how come in this twenty first century there is not much information available about the culture, tradition, people, language etc of a region called Western Orissa which gave india the baap of all indian folk song "Rangabati", the world famous Sambalpuri Saree which itself was an identity of the personality of late prime minister Smt Indira Gandhi....Even in some Orissa related websites also there was no mention of Western orissa at all...

Somehow I clicked one link after my search of the word "Sambalpuri" in google..I found an interesting discussion forum in got exited and posted some notes on our culture, tradition and the need to declare our language as a separate one.....I was shocked when suddenly many people from coastal area started commenting negatively about our region,culture, language and tradition....remember that time I was not talking about a separate state KOSAL..I was only trying to make them aware that we are also existing in your state..We are also human and we deserve a better treatment in your state...But the foul languages keep pouring...Then I found great support in few friends/mate who thinks like me, who love their motherland like me and above all who wants to do something for their motherland KOSAL...I must name them here...They really are my inspiration...starting from Mr.Sameer Panda, Mr. Biswajit Pradhan, Mr. Anand Sagar Dash, Mr Priyabrata Sahu, Mr. Abhijeet joshi, Mr. Piyush Ranjan Mishra and above all Sri Arjun Purohit....

They were so passionate about KOSAL that it inspired me to start the KOSAL community on 12th November 2006 in social networking site "ORKUT" with the main objective to unite all the net savvy educated Kosli's who are staying across the globe.....

With in few months of starting the KOSAL community on Orkut we got a lot of support from all quarter and it helped us starting this blog along with a dedicated channel in Youtube for Sambalpuri Songs...When we started the hotmalejeet channel on Youtube, there was not a single sambalpuri song on Youtube..

In the last five years your blog has achieved a lot....It has successfully created that sense of pride amongst the current generation of Kosli's who are proud of their cultural heritage more than ever...... is a serious platform fully dedicated for the development of the KOSAL region (Western Orissa)..... has taken pledge to promote Kosli sense of pride amongst the Youth,Kosli Music,Kosli Literature,Kosli Culture,Kosli Handloom,Kosli dance. demands the INCLUSION of KOSALI (Sambalpuri) Language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution thus grating it an official status. demands the Creation of a new State called KOSAL,which will include 10 district of western orissa along with the athmallick subdivision of Angul and some parts of Phulbani.

On the Fith anniversary of your beloved blog..oopps..beloved website.. let's take a pledge to devote ourself for the cause of Kosal and development of Kosal region.

Say with proud,We are KOSLI

Jai Kosal

"Mor Maet Mor Raej"






Monday, June 27, 2011

Balangir Rocked The Orissa HSC Examinations

Surpassing all the earlier records, Sarthak Pradhan, a student of Kadampada Saraswati Sishu Mandir,Balangir, secured the top position in the HSC Examinations, 2011 published on Saturday by securing 586marks.Sarthak, a resident of Tulsinagar here, is son of a teacher Birat Keshari Pradhan.

“I lost two marks in mathematics due to an error, otherwise my total mark would have gone further,” said Sarthak, adding, “I used to study for 10 -12 hours a day regularly and in exam time, it was a little more.” Sarthak maintained that tuition is not all necessary but on specific subjects it is essential to clarify doubts.

When asked about the aim of his life, Sarthak said, “As many members of my family are well placed in the engineering jobs, I would like to be a doctor with human values.” Sarthak, however, said that in Balangir, there are good colleges and teaching has been quite good. “Rather than going to study in colleges of Bhubneswar, I would like to pursue higher study here,” Sarthak asserted and gave credit to his parents, teachers and all other members of his family, besides blessing of God for his success.

While three students of the district were in the Top-10 list and two secured 11th and 15th ranks. All students are from Saraswati Sishu Mandir,

The seventh rank holder Sambhrant Das is, however, unhappy with the result. He scored 578 marks and was expecting the first rank. His father Subash Das, a gynaecologist, said he was happy to see his son in the Top-10. “He will pursue his Plus-II in DAV, Bhubaneswar, and then enter IIT,” said Subash. He said that Sambhrant wants to join the coveted Indian Foreign Service.

Samir Sahu secured the ninth rank. Though hailing from a nondescript Sikabehenga village, he used to come to the Saraswati Sishu Mandir in Balangir town from his village, about 10 km away, everyday.

Samir scored 574 marks. Son of a schoolteacher, he too aspires to become a doctor like Sarthak. The other two rank holders are Ritu Rajeswari Dalai (11th) and Anjan Patel (15th).

School principal Dilip Kumar Padhi said organised study schedules helped the students excel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sambalpuri folk song bags Akashvani Award

The once popular song of ‘Rangabati’ may have faded over the years, but lyricist Mitrabhanu Gauntia’s musical feature ‘Pakhal Khurithi Mahara’ (Poison in the Rice Bowl) bagged the first prize at the Akashvani Annual Award-2010 in farm and home category which was declared on Friday in Delhi.

�The musical feature, produced and directed by D Someya with music score by Prafulla Kumar Mitra, revolves around the need for a

�Second Green Revolution for quality foodgrains and promotion of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and bio-management practices.�� Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides has adversely affected the land and living beings.

There is residual poison in almost all the food materials and even in the rice bowl, the song conveys.

It aims at creating an awareness through the musical feature so as to reach across a large section of people and leave a lasting impression on them, said D Someya, who dedicated the award to his entire team.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NIT Rourkela ranks second, after Trichi

Courtesy :- TOI

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela, the premier technical institute in the state, has added a feather to its cap by securing the 2nd rank among all the NITs in the country; it is next only to NIT Trichy. NIT Rourkela also holds the 13th position among all engineering institutes in India, including all the IITs. In a survey conducted recently by Career 360, a Delhi-based educational and career magazine, NIT Rourkela found this recognition among the top 50 engineering colleges in the country.

It is worth mentioning that in February 2011 NIT Rourkela received the prestigious award of the best government engineering college in the east zone and was crowned the most outstanding technical institute in the east by Star News, one of the leading news channels in the country.

NIT Rourkela, which has already established its credibility at the national and international level in the field of technical education, has accepted the rank and honour gracefully. "We are thankful to the students, faculty and staff of NIT as this would not have been possible without their dedication, diligence and team work," said Sunil Sarangi, director of NIT.

"Students, staff and faculty work hard here and prepare themselves to face the competition at the global level. So, such recognitions, even small ones, definitely help motivate these people to take the institute to newer heights," said R K Sinha, secretary, public relations committee, NIT Rourkela.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Faulty Agricultural Policy Of State Killing Farmers Of KOSAL

By Amitabh Patra (

See how the DM (collector of Bargrh Dist. Odisha / Orissa ) behaved and asked his assistant to seize and break my camera when I tried to record video of a group of farmers demanding last years crop loss help declared by govt. Till day most of the surveyed areas have not recieved the declared "HELP" of govt.

This happened on 23rd March this year, and I was subsequently threatened by his assistant about dire consequences and told that things with me will not be good. A protest rally by about a thousand people was being held outside the DMs office, and still the H'ble (?) DM asked me to be kicked out of his (? is he not a public servant ?) office. I was attacked by his assistant while trying to save my camera and footage.

I was rescued by the farmers when they heard the noise outside the office, came running. Below is the facts I have been able to collect in last few months study. If the administrative head of a Dist. behaves likes this, in his PUBLIC office, what is expected from this colonial feudal democracy ?

The video of the rally held against last year's massive crop loss due to un--seasonal rain and insurance demand.

Till now there has not been any payments inspite of govt.s big promises of Rs. 4000/- per hector (2.5 acres) max even if you have cultivated 10 acres.

Expenses in Paddy cultivation is more than Rs.10000/- per acre. Land owning Farmers are taking loan from banks/ cooperatives. But landless farmers (share croppers) can not avail the same, and have to borrow from the local seed/ fertilizer seller @ 5% per month to 10% per month interest rate.

That comes to about 60 - 120% rate of interest p.a.

Micro-finance companies are lending @ 36% (on paper it is 12.5%) to the SHG members. In my study I am finding many of the suicide cases are due to this hefty interest rates and complete crop loss of last season.

A recent calculation of a suicide affected family from Jada village in Bargarh dist. I found that for their 3 acres of land which is distributed at 3 different places, had to spend about Rs.40,000/- and will yeild about 75 -80 bags of rice of 75kgs each.

The Father and son duo committed suicide due to crop loss and subsequent debt. last year.

There is a joint family of about 8 people, and the only male member in the family is about 18 years suffering from joint pain in left leg.

Their total earnings from the current crop will be about 55000/- and there is also another society loan of 20,500 + interests.

So their net profit from this crop will be 55000 - (40000 + 20500) = ?? please calculate.

This is the condition of agriculture in this country - that is why more or less all farmers are moving away from cultivation. The land owners are giving away their land to landless labours for share cropping. The benefit goes to the official record holders, but any kind of loss is borne by the share cropper. He has to pay the share (about 8 - 10 standard bags per acre) to the landlord.

Agricultural officers seldom visit the fields of such small farmers. Insurance is nothing but a govt. organised farce. As per the insurance prevailing, unless an entire block's crop is damaged, insurance can not be claimed.

So there is no insurance for a farmer, who has lost all due to nature's might. But farmers in Odisha have been paying insurance premiums since last 24- 25 years.

There is not a single instance where crop insurance has been paid.

After a harvest, there comes the selling of paddy, which is being controlled by mill owners. The MSP (minimum support price) of FAQ (fine average quality) paddy is Rs.1000/- per quintal (750 per standard bag) . But on ground few farmers in Bargarh and Sambalpur do get this price, being alert and able to fight the system.

Rest is sold at under-rate of about 550 or lesser in remote areas, where middle men control the paddy business. So unless a farmer gets more than 35 bags of FAQ rice from 1 acre, then it is a loss for him. If there is any natural calamity like pest attack/ rains/ hail storm or strong wind in which crop gets destroyed, all his past savings if made goes down the drain.

An individual farmer is not entitled to avail insurance. Why such a faulty policy ? Is he not a consumer of the Insurance Business of the nation ? Have not the farmers paid insurance premiums while taking loans from the banks ?

The chronic poverty of farmers is being caused by the faulty agricultural policy of the state and gradually farmers are going poorer. Many good farmers have sold out their agricultural land or have left cultivating themselves and given to share croppers.

Besides the above stated, there is health and social reasons which a farmer's family is prone to : marriageable daughters, and any kind of major health problem.

These are not covered under any kind of insurance. Daughters marriage is a big burden in a family being the Dowry associated with it.

Also the govt. apathy is that when someone commits suicide from poor family, a 10000/- Rs redcross fund is allocated to the family. But many instances, the police, doctor and block officials ask for some bribe or delay the relief amount. In some cases which I met the families, told that it took numerous visits to various officials, and after 4 - 6 months only they were able to get a suicide compensation of Rs.10000/- for a person who was head of the family.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nuapada sarpanch rules' over dist HQ

by Riyan Ramanath V

The district headquarters of Nuapada boasts a distinction in the country. It may look like a town, which has a population of 30,000 with offices of the district magistrate (collector), superintendent of police and all other important offices, but it is still ruled by a sarpanch.

The only district headquarters in the country to have a panchayat, Nuapada was originally carved out of a gram panchayat. Nuapada, the name of one of Orissa's districts as well as the district headquarters, was part of Kalahandi until 1992. Strangely, even after 20 years of formation of the district, the headquarters doesn't even enjoy an notified area council (NAC) status. A sarpanch and samiti member run Nuapada town.

In Nuapada town the panchayat is the authority responsible for ensuring the facilities of sanitation, street lights, drinking water, etc. It is the place where the Zilla Parishad conducts meetings in the presence of the collector, PD (DRDA) and all the MLAs of the district.

There are two MLA constituencies Nuapada and Khariar in the district. Kalahandi MP is also the MP of Nuapada. Before delimitation, Balangir MP used to rule Nuapada.

Strangely, Nuapada MLA Rajenra Prasad Dholkia said the people of Nuapada always feared if Nuapada became an NAC, they won't enjoy good services. "The real fight to make it at least an NAC began just two years ago," Dholkia said, adding it is really embarrassing that Nuapada is under a sarpanch and a samiti member. The MLA said he had proposed an NAC status for Nuapada back in 2009. "My proposal is pending with the Panchayati Raj department, which has to endorse it. We expect the Nuapada headquarters will be an NAC soon," he said.

Sources said after Nuapada was made the district headquarter in 1992, it was not fit in terms of population to become an NAC, which would have meant urban status. However, it became eligible years later.

"It should have been made an NAC long time ago," said Abani Panigrahi, a local social activist. "Many things are in a mess due to the big town being managed by a sarpanch. Especially, the floating population is not getting justice. We feel as if were in the pre-independence era," the activist said.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

India's Second Handloom Park to be setup at Bargarh

Courtesy:- TOI

A handloom park will be set up in Bargarh district to teach weaving to people of non-weavers community. This is being done keeping in view the fading number of skilled weavers.

The upcoming Sambalpuri Ikat Handloom Park at Katapali village within Barpali block, would be the second handlooms park in the country and in Asia, the first one being at Kochampalli near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Surendra Meher, president of the park, said few members of the weavers' community are sticking to their age-old profession. This may lead to a situation when no weavers will be left. To tide over the situation, the proposed park intends to impart skills to all willing persons. At present, the Bhulias (Meher) is the dominant weavers community in Bargarh, the epicentre of the world famous Sambalpuri saree.

The park, coming up in public-private partnership mode, has already acquired over 10 acres of land against a requirement of 25 acre. The park will have 2,000 looms and employ 3,000 workers.

The park has been registered as a society with 100 members, including 45 national awardees and 55 other master weavers. The members have pulled in a working capital of Rs 41,000 each. While the society is required to arrange land on its own, the Centre and state government will share other components of the Rs 70-crore project.

An inter-governmental panel has been constituted to work on the details of the project. Secretary textiles and handlooms, Arti Ahuja, said the project is on the fast track and would be commissioned soon. She, however, declined to set a deadline for commissioning of the park "since multiple stakeholders were involved."

Besides training the weavers on tie and dye processing, production, and finishing of the products, the captive looms in the project will help them produce textiles as per market demands, Ahuja said.

According to the Handloom Census 2009 of the Government of India, Bargarh has the biggest handloom cluster in the state. There are 35,000 weavers and allied textile workers and 12,500 looms in the district. The Bargarh handloom cluster sprawls across Bargarh, Barpali, Bheden, Bhatli, Attabira, Bijepur, Padampur and Sohela blocks where the artisans weave cotton sarees of tie-dye art, lungis and napkins. The demand for the saree is very high because of the unique tie-and-dye method, protecting the glaze for years.

Hope the Handloom Park will not become a distant dream like the Balangir Medical College !!!..People of KOSAL are always being cheated by the people in power at Bhubaneswar...When they can set up so many higher educational institutions, tech park etc as fully Govt. enterprises...Then why the biased Orissa govt always recommend a private-public enterprise in KOSAL region.....They know it very well that our region is so poor that it hardly attracts private investment particularly in Medical and Handloom, they why they r not trying for a fully govt supported handloom park....Anyhow let's wait and watch...How many more years it will take for this park to become reality ???????

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


DATE :- 8TH JUNE 2011

Link is disabled now...Hope You must have enjoyed the live telecast..


Note :- The live telecast will be carried out by Orissa Television Network and they are the copyright holder of the whole event.we are sharing it for the larger interest of the people of Kosal... This link will be disabled after the event.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Orissa Third Most Corrupt State:NCRB

Courtesy:- TOI

Mention corruption and the image that comes to mind is of a frail figure in a Gandhi topi taking on the government. At a time when Anna Hazare has become synonymous with a fight against corruption, it comes as a surprise that the maximum number of graft cases are registered in his home state, Maharashtra.

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2000-09 says the state registered 4,566 corruption cases, followed by Rajasthan with 3,770, and Orissa with 2,957.

The state has been averaging 450 new complaints a year, with an average conviction rate of 27% — one of the lowest in the country. Ironically, it has the highest disposal rate. In 2009 alone, its courts disposed of 473 cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act: 647 people were tried, 137 held guilty and 510 acquitted. Also, the value of property seized from corrupt babus in Maharashtra is low. At Rs 9.1 crore, it is much less than the value of property seized in Orissa (Rs 63 crore), MP (Rs 36 crore), Karnataka (Rs 20 crore), Bihar (Rs 14 crore), and AP (Rs 13 crore).

The perception-smashing data places Hindi belt states of MP, UP and Bihar at 11, 12 and 14 on the list. Bihar (617 cases) has the highest conviction rate (78%). UP with 786 cases averages a low six complaints a month. Experts say under-reporting may be the reason.

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"Aamar Sanskruti Aamar Gaurav"

Welcome to the land of culture "Koshal" . Koshal is the land of great warriors. The land of Maharaja's.The land of Maa Samalei, World famous sambalpuri saree , great teracotta works, land of tantrik Vidya, world famous Sambalpuri music and dance.

Koshal consists of ten beautiful districts..
and Deogarh.

The motto of this community is to bring all the young warriors of koshal to a common platform from where they can initiate the process to preserve the great Koshali culture and swear to free our motherland koshal from atrocities..

So friends lets join hand and do something extraordinary to create a separate identity of us across the globe and create a separate koshal state,full of prosperity and impartiality.

We Consider Kosali language as the mother of Oriya language, the origin of kosali language was found by the historians from Subarnapur in Stambheswari inscription of 12th century A.D. The Kosali language is spoken by about 2 crores of people in the entire KBK belt and Western Orissa and part of A.P., M.P., Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. It is a matter of regret that the Government of Orissa has not taken any interest to improve the standard of Kosali (Sambalpuri) language.


So start sharing your views on Koshal.....